Cumbria by Motorbike 'DOCUMENTARY' from Kevin Lears Motorbike TV on Vimeo.


The views and the scenery will knock your socks off over this 50 minutes as we ride together on this journey, seeing panoramas of pure beauty, pure tranquility, and pure jaw dropping disbelief that they actually exist.

An utterly amazing journey in a region of Britain that I believe belongs to me, and after you watch this you will realise ‘why’ she belongs to ME!

Produced all by myself using just me and a GoPro (or two, and a drone ‘maybe’), and when I say myself I also had my brother help but you don’t see him……….. so he was never there!!!

This is about MY Cumbria taking you around with my Honda Africa Twin Adventure Sports DCT, and wearing the best gear from HELD Rider Equipment / Biker Fashion, for the journey of a lifetime.

I truly hope you enjoy your adventure as you ride with me.

Kevin J. Lear
Born October 1958
Insulin dependant Diabetic, wearing an ileostomy bag, with severe Arthritis in both shoulders, and only 53% lung function remaining.

PS – Oh, forgot to mention…….I bloody love what I do 🙂